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Penguin and Seabird Facility


NAR collaborates with DEC personnel at Penguin Island, near Rockingham, to provide rehabilitation facilities for injured sick and orphaned little penguins. NAR has a Memorandum Of Agreement with Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue to take injured and sick seabirds that come into their keeping and Sea Rescue assists NAR to return the seabirds back to the ocean on release. NAR has been successful in the rehabilitation of a number of penguins, albatross and giant petrels over the past 12 months and it is a real pleasure for staff to see these magnificent and special birds safely released back onto the ocean. Some volunteers have had the opportunity to travel with Sea Rescue to release the birds and that is always a special moment for them.

Funding and sponsorships are being sourced to provide a facility for the rehabilitation of ocean birds, such as penguins, albatross and giant petrels. The facility, which has been designed and costed at $345,000, will provide suitable accommodation for both fresh and sea water birds. The facility will be fully enclosed (fencing and roofing) to prevent entry by predators. Each holding pen will include a small pond for swimming, which will be able to be easily flushed and set up with fresh or salt water, as best suits the occupants. All the ponds will be connected to a filtration system.

If you are a building supply company, maybe you could consider providing some of the raw materials needed for the consruction of this facility, either free or at cost, to help us reduce the cost of materials.

If you are a builder, maybe you could consider assisting us with the construction of the facility. If you involve your staff in community service projects, it would make a great community service project for your staff.

Maybe you are not in the bulding trade, but would like to financially sponsor all or part of the project.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact us to discuss.

Cost of feed for sea and water birds (includes fresh fish) up to $100 per week depending on season.

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